Mergers & Acquisitions

Over the years, our attorneys have gained a vast experience in assisting clients with company sales and/or acquisitions. In this capacity, we have conducted negotiations and have prepared/reviewed numerous contracts. This experience, combined with our firm’s legal excellence, will work to your benefit, particularly in today’s challenging market. First rate due diligence is key to a successful deal, whether buying or selling. It provides valuable insight into the legal, financial and tax position of a company. This information is crucial for setting a purchase price or formulating indemnifications and guarantees in the purchase agreement.

We usually adopt a multidisciplinary approach in providing our services. We realise, for example, that merely conducting a due diligence investigation from a legal perspective will not be sufficient in preparing for a company takeover. In most cases, a financial and tax due diligence investigation is equally important. We have built an intensive network of trustworthy external financial and tax advisors who can be instructed in order to make your project a success.

Last but not least, excellent communication and negotiation skills are key to a successful deal. Our highly experienced attorneys provide a keen insight into negotiation tactics and dynamics. Clients have found us to be extremely capable of assisting in negotiations, whether on a sale or purchase.