Equine law

Equine law is not a formal branch of law, though the phrase itself is commonly used. We are able to provide this niche service through Mr. Paul Bavelaar. He is an active and competitive horseman, member of the Board of Directors of the Royal Dutch Equestrian Federation (Gelderland and Flevoland area) and Chairman of the Safe Equestrian Sport Foundation, all of which gives him extensive knowledge of the equestrian sport and sector. As a result, we offer high quality advice, and can assist in litigation, on any of the following subjects:

  • Domestic and international sale and/or purchase of horses;
  • Lease, sale and/or purchase of real estate in the equestrian sector (e.g. horse-breeding, stud stations, training stables, riding schools);
  • Liability for horse-related accidents, liability of veterinarians for medical malpractice and errors in purchase inspections;
  • Sponsor contracts;
  • Filing and defending against disciplinary complaints with the Royal Dutch Equestrian Federation;