Dr. Paul Bavelaar LL.M

Dutch and German Attorney at Law

Corporate law, real estate law and equine law

 Aron Das Gupta

Dutch Attorney at Law

Commercial law, litigation and intellectual property law

Wolfgang Walter Horn


Equine law, traffic law especially classical cars, damage- and liability law and economic criminal law

Pieter Ariëns Kappers

Dutch Attorney at Law

Corporate law, amongst others company law and commercial contracts, intellectual property law and art


Lex de Kok

Dutch Attorney at Law

Zoning and environmental law, real estate and project development, expropriation and procurement

Ottilie Laan

Dutch Attorney at Law

Construction- and real estate law, Public Private Partnerships (PPP)

Alex Meijer

Dutch Attorney at Law

Administrative law and telecommuncation law

Prof. Dr. Harrie van Mens

Of Counsel

Advisor in the field of taxes, restructuring of companies and organisations, estate planning

Ruben Teitler

Dutch Attorney at Law

Corporate law, real estate law and labour law